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Saves Time and Money
- Your money is available immediately on the morning of your payday.
- No need to spend time cashing your check and paying check cashing fees

- Use your Hancock Bank payroll card everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.
- Use your card to make purchase in person, over the phone, mail order and the Internet.
- Keep track of your spending in your personal register.

- Carry less cash
- Receive a confidential statement each month.
- No more worrying about lost or stolen checks.
- 24 x 7 customer service

On Payday, your money is already on the card! Your money is available from a simple swipe of your VISA® branded card.

It looks and works like any Visa debit card. Your spending is subtracted from your balance each time you use your card. This is a card for all your needs - groceries, gas, clothes, meals, travel and entertainment. And, with your Payroll Card, you can make phone, mail-order and internet purchases. And, of course, you can withdraw cash anytime you need it using your card at most ATMs.

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